So, you want to be an electrician? It is an exciting career opportunity with plenty of room for growth and development.  Before you hit the ground running, you will want to start as a registered apprentice.  According to Glassdoor, the estimated annual pay for a registered apprentice electrician is $78,111, including base pay, overtime, and bonuses, in Colorado.  To become an apprentice, you will have to enroll in formal schooling and complete experience hours, much like getting a driver’s license.  Once you have enough experience, you can take the Journeyman exam.

A good Journeyman electrician has the opportunity to work unsupervised and often receives a sign on bonus after a certain tenure working for a business.  To be promoted to Journeyman status, you must complete 8,000 hours of on-the-job experience during the equivalent course of approximately four years of classroom hours in an accredited program, while working within both residential and commercial buildings.  Journeymen often receive a substantial opportunity for overtime as well as performance-based bonus pay.  As a Journeyman, you are also opened to the opportunity to further your education and become a Master electrician, whose similarly reported yearly maximum pay can be as much as $213k in the Centennial State.

As a Master electrician, you are able to pull your own building permits but will have to manage your license by maintaining continuing education, on top of staying up to date on licensure requirements within the counties you work within.  But at this stage in your career, you could easily work for another electrician or start your own business. An honest electrician with integrity at his or her back can make a comfortable living and retire in this profession.  Contact us today to see if we are hiring!

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